Build strength, strip fat
AND Burn up to 1000 calories


Metabolic is designed to incorporate a combination of HIIT and strength exercises. These are the two most effective routes to body composition change (fat burn) - put them together and you have a tough but rewarding session that will get results fast.


Our lunchtime smasher designed for those who want a blitz during office hours. Quick HIIT is a 30 minute session which offers the true definition of High Intensity Interval Training.

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Classic old school circuits mixing cardio with resistance training. We move through multiple stations giving you a wide variety of exercises in one class… An awesome total body workout targeting the biggest muscle groups for the biggest results.

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Build upper body strength using your own bodyweight. This is a more technical class where you will learn how to perfect the correct form on moves like pull-ups, chin-ups, push ups, dips and more. Men and women of all levels welcome.