Metabolic London Terms & Conditions

Membership Types

We have two types of memberships available –

  1. Subscribed Members, which includes unlimited membership and limited membership.
    1. Unlimited membership will allow you to access all classes except where clearly stated; you also have unlimited access to the gym during our opening times (‘Open Gym’). Billing will happen on the day you sign up and the same day each month after that. Subscriptions are for an initial period of 3 months.
    2. Limited membership will be limited to certain classes or to a certain number of classes in a period. This will be stated in the membership description. Limited memberships do not allow you to access the gym outside the classes you have access to.
  2. Drop in Members, which includes pay as you go (pay at the time of booking) and credit purchases (either singly or in multiples)
    1. You will need to sign up to our booking system; you will then be able to purchase credits, either single or multiple, or pay at the time of booking a class.

Authority to charge for services

By signing up for a subscription membership, you authorise us to charge the payment method you supplied monthly, and you agree you to ensure funds are available for us to process this payment.

By signing up to our systems and providing your billing details, you authorise us to use our partners which will include our gym management software and our payment processing partner to both store your detail and process your payment for the service(s).

Our current partners are:

Glofox – Gym management software

Stripe – Payment processing partner

Gym access outside classes

Unlimited subscribed members can access the gym and use the equipment during our opening times. If there are classes on or Personal Training happening then these take priority on the use of the equipment and the space within the gym.

Limited subscribed members and drop in members are not permitted to access the gym outside class times

Class Reservations

You can reserve classes through our website, or through our mobile application, you will need to have an account with an associated method of payment. When you have reserved a class, you will receive an email confirming the reservation.

You can reserve classes seven days before they happen.

Towels and Water

Towels and water are available at the gym; each is £1 per item, please put the money for either in the honesty cup on the reception desk.

Class Cancellations

To enable us to provide our services fairly to all customers we have a cancellation policy that is intended to enable as many people to attend classes as possible.

You can cancel your booking 12 hours before the class without a penalty.

If you cancel within 12 hours of the start of the class or do not show up for the class the following will apply

  • For drop-in (pay as you go/pay per class/multiple class credits clients) you will lose your credit or fee you have paid
  • For subscribed members, you will be subject to our no show fee of £9, and authorise us to charge this to the method of payment we hold for you

Your Data

We use gym management software to process bookings and to help us manage the services we provide. To provide the service the software will hold data on you, including, your name, your email address and your phone number. It might also hold other information you provide.

We also use a payment processing partner to process payments. This partner will hold information on you including payment details that enable us to process payments which will then allow you to access the gym and classes.

By supplying this information, you consent to us using partner software and service providers to provide you with the services we offer.

Our current partners are:

Glofox – Gym management software

Stripe – Payment processing partner

Liability for personal property

We will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or theft of the property you bring onto our premises. We provide lockers for you to use free of charge while using the gym. The maximum compensation we will pay for any loss, damage or theft to property is limited to a total amount of £500 (for any one incident) if the loss, damage or theft is caused by the negligence of Metabolic London.


You acknowledge that we charge a fee for our service and that we may decide to increase these fees. If we do decide to increase these fees, we will give you one month’s notice of any fee change. If you pay your membership fees as a lump-sum payment, we will only review your membership fees when your membership is due for renewal.

Security of your account

You are responsible for keeping your account information secure; this includes the username and password you used to sign up. You also agree not to use anyone else’s account or to allow anyone to use your account.

Suitability to partake in exercise

We recommend that you take medical advice before partaking in vigorous exercise.

If you have any doubts about your fitness or capability to exercise, you must get advice from a doctor before taking part in our classes. Our classes are design to push you to your limits and therefore come with risks associated with vigorous exercise, it is essential for your safety that you ensure you can partake in this sort of exercise.

You are responsible for correctly using all club facilities; if you do not know how to use a piece of equipment correctly then you must ask a member of staff before using the equipment

Right to cancel

You can cancel your membership within 14 days of joining if you signed up online and have not used the gym, we will refund any membership fees you have paid as long as we receive your cancellation notice within this time frame and you have not used the gym.

Ending your membership

Your membership will automatically continue at the end of the initial term (usually three months) unless you give us one full calendar months’ notice to end it. If your contract continues after the initial term, you can end your membership by giving us one full calendar months’ notice. You must pay your full membership rate during your months’ notice. Example: You give notice to end your membership contract on any day in April, but your full calendar months’ notice will not start until 1 May, and you will leave on 31 May (your final payment will be for the month of May).