Metabolic London - HIIT Specialist

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What is HIIT?

Torch fat, tone up, improve conditioning. High intensity interval training - short bursts of high energy followed by less intense periods of recovery.

These short bursts create a spike in the body's energy requirements! The body then metabolises fat for fuel.

You work hard enough - your body will burn fat in your sleep!

Health Benefits

  • Boosts happiness
  • Improves - "heart health" (cardiovascular), blood vessel function, metabolic function, lower blood sugar
  • Promotes - strength, speed, power, agility, lean muscle

A word from Lawrence (founder)

"The idea of helping people feel healthier mentally, emotionally and physically gives me a real buzz. HIIT training is demanding of the mind and body but is extremely effective. Training has always given me a massive lift in these areas so why not pass on what works for me and help others on their journey. I know that physical activity and your mental approach to it can change your life.... It changed mine.... I want to help with that approach."

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